Doing What Needs To Be Done To Succeed?

If we’re honest with ourselves, the simple answer is: no. But it gets a bit more complicated than that.

Take for example this blog entry; I hadn’t planned on being absent for what is a long weekend here in Canada so instead of creating 3 weeks worth of blogs, I should have created 4 before leaving for vacation.

Now granted, some things you can’t plan but others you can. It’s the “others you can” that I’m referring to here.

We all know that we live hectic lives that pull us in all directions; work to do here… family requirements there… blog to prepare here… but generally speaking, even when that is taken into consideration, we have a pretty good idea of “when” we’re doing these and how much time they take.

That being said, we should also have a good idea of how much time and when we have to do the things – for me, this blog and videos for Tik Tok – that need to be done to succeed.

Time – That Elusive Piece Of The Puzzle

the HOW we use that time is what I’m talking about.

In my case, I’ve seriously cut down on TV time and am using the time I have, (mostly evenings after supper and weekends), to bring my business forward and to learn how to become a better Affiliate Marketer.

But we all know that life isn’t perfect, and it loves to throw you a curve ball or two just to twist things up and have a good laugh!

Again, take this blog for example, I’m completing it sitting in my friends living room and most likely won’t be able to submit it to you until Monday. (At least, the recording part).

Before we left home, I had discussed this with my wife, and I just loved her answer: “You should have better planned your week”!

Ironically, she was right. If I would have taken the time to prepare my blog entry like I usually do, which is to decide what I want to talk about and write down my discussion bullet points, I could have been able to finish it before I left home – even if my usual recording of it wasn’t done until our return.

But life is like that, we have enough pressures and demands coming in from everywhere that we don’t have to put more on ourselves.

Like I also mentioned in my blog from last week, laugh it out, you’ll feel better! Which is exactly what I first did – beauty of that is that I found my wife laughing it out with me!

We can plan as best we can but sometimes, planning just doesn’t make the cut and you just have to ride it out. Making due with what you have is a lot of the times the best solution.

Time – Do Not Waste It

Get Things Done

We’ve also heard (and I probably repeated it in a previous blog entry), that old adage of “time waits for no-one”; and it’s true – we all have 24 hours and how we use it will determine if we can consider the day a success or not… or is it?

We all have the same time but even if you take 1 or 2 hours to make progress and advance your business and/or your learning of something, you’re doing what others aren’t: you’re getting better at it!

I was listening to Sophie talk about how when she started doing videos, she felt like they weren’t good and yet, several years later (I think 5), she was contacted by someone who had listened to it and wanted to learn more about what she was discussing.

I doubt that the person listening to the video was thinking about how “bad” the video was; I’m quite positive that they were thinking about how Sophie could help them better understand and build their Affiliate business.

You Are Nobody… Or Maybe Not?

Speaking of videos, I came back with an assertiveness that whatever I decided, I could only get better – namely about making Tik Tok videos.

I spoke to a few other of my mentors who basically told me the same thing: “Marc, you do voice-over and you think you’re doing pretty well. What’s the difference between that and making videos? Do you think that people won’t listen to you just because now you put a face to a voice?”.

I also came to the realization that those who didn’t listen to my videos or commented negatively were just not my target audience and I just needed to move on.

Yes, you’re right; easier said than done! But… the great part is that when you have mentors from Internet Profits, like Dean, Sophie and Glenn as well as the staff that work there, you’re winning half the battle.

Apart from that, once you’ve become a member, you find yourself surrounded by others like you, who just want to succeed at Affiliate Marketing and will help you get there – so long as you do the work.

One of the biggest advantages – and the key to my success this time around – is making sure that I walk the talk. For so many years, I had invested in courses, training, support from other mentors, you name it – but, in all honesty, I had never truly taken the step to succeed because of one thing.

Afraid of Success

If I would have told you that going on vacation would have made me realize so many things about me, you probably would have told me: “Why didn’t you go sooner, Marc?”.

The beauty of being able to look inside yourself and see the faults and “faux pas” that you’ve done in the past is one of life’s greatest gift if you ask me.

I realized that one of the biggest things that held me back all these years was the fear of success.

Yup; the same guy reading about now who, to others, seems to always have found a way to get things done was truly afraid of having success in Affiliate Marketing.

Now granted, it’s not only about that; I also took the time to reflect and find that although I had learnt a lot from other sources and trainings that I had purchased in the past – and many had been great mentors in their own way, there was never one that, like Dean Holland, truly wanted me to succeed – and took the steps for me to make it happen.

I’ve always looked at these courses as investment in myself but had never stopped to think if the people from whom I was purchasing them had the same reciprocity towards me and my success.

Now don’t get me wrong, there are many courses out there with great mentors and training, I’m just happy to have found Dean at this turn in my life. I truly think that I have all the tools I need to succeed – just need to apply them.

So, starting next week, (appreciate you giving me a break since I’m not home right now), I’ll be updating you with my Tik Tok videos! So time to join my Newsletter and following along!

P.S. Since this weeks blog was written while I was out of town, I’ll update it Monday with the usual voice-over! Thanks!

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12 thoughts on “Doing What Needs To Be Done To Succeed?”

  1. No truer words have been spoken, “But we all know that life isn’t perfect, and it loves to throw you a curve ball or two just to twist things up and have a good laugh!

    And in response to those curve balls, Reader’s Digest had it right all the time – Laughter is the best medicine.

    Now I hear ya about being afraid of success. In the past I had a case of the heebee jeebees thinking about having to file taxes with Uncle Sam in the States. I’ve come a long ways since and with Internet Profits, the money comes from the UK – so I don’t even need to think about Uncle Sam. THAT there is one of my big selling points.

    All the success to you and I hope the vacay was good!

    1. Hi Robert,
      Thank you for your comment and yes, laughter is always the best medicine if you ask me! Vacation was fantastic: Great time with great friends!
      All the best as well 🙂

  2. Hey Marc, I look forward for your first TikTok video! If there is something I need to learn it is that: learning to plan in advance what I will do and when I will do it. Obviously, I miss that skill because I’m always fighting to find time to do the tasks I need to do for my business. My day job takes a lot of place and there are always unpredicted events happening that stop me from doing my blog post. Saturdays come so fast! Being part of a community is a big asset and I agree that this is a big player in a successful journey!

    1. Hi Martin,
      It sure isn’t as easy as writing it down or even saying it put being able to plan and take advantage of time is a learned process.
      All the best!

  3. Marc, It’s refreshing to see your candid reflections on managing time amidst life’s unpredictable twists and turns. Your honesty about the challenges of planning and the unexpected curveballs resonates with many of us. Despite the hurdles, your determination to prioritise your business and personal growth shines through. It’s heartening to hear how your vacation provided valuable insights and propelled you to confront the fear of success. With mentors like Dean and a supportive community, you’re well-equipped to overcome obstacles and achieve your goals in affiliate marketing. Looking forward to following your TikTok journey and witnessing your continued growth. Keep up the inspiring work, and here’s to our collective success! Thanks, Atif

    1. Hi Atif,
      Appreciate your comments and support as well; I really can’t say enough of being able to reflect on all of this during my vacation. It really has opened my eyes to the possibilities.
      All the best!

  4. Marc,

    I hope you are enjoying your long weekend.

    Thanks for the reminder that Life’s unpredictability often derails our plans. Whether it’s a last-minute blog or facing fears of success, adaptability is key. Despite time constraints, optimizing productivity is essential. Embrace imperfections and laugh off mishaps—progress is better than perfection. With mentors and supportive communities, success becomes attainable. Reflect on past setbacks to overcome fear and seize opportunities. Embrace growth, apply newfound insights, and thrive in the journey of affiliate marketing.

    You Got This

    1. Hi CJ,
      Thanks for your comment and more importantly, support. I totally agree; if you embrace your setbacks and seize the opportunities – even the smallest ones – they will definitely help you thrive.
      Wishing you all the best,

  5. Hi Marc,
    Thanks for the reminder of staying on track. I’m currently in the process of trying to stay on track. Life seems to get in the way sometimes, and we have to remember what our priorities are, and make things happen in our business.

    I just put out a blog post about reflecting on what I have already learned to make sure I’m confident with everything before moving forward. It’s important I think to do that as well..

    I look forward to seeing your first video! I’m still learning the platforms myself. Best of luck to you!

    1. Hi Meredith,
      Thanks for stopping by and for your comment! Yup, you are so right; it’s Wednesday and I’m stuck on so many things to do that I’m now playing “catch-up” instead of staying on track. Like you said, life is full of ups and downs and its the “how” we get through these that will define our success!
      all the best!

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