I Quit.

Yep you heard me right: I quit. So… maybe I do have your attention now. Just need to correct one thing: I’m not really thinking about quitting, I’m thinking about quitting to want to quit.

Let me explain. As some of you may have read on Facebook, for the past 3-4 days now I’ve been having ongoing issues accessing my blog. I’ve been speaking with my web hosting company, Cloudflare, even my internet provider trying to find out why and how to correct a “403 forbidden” error code that is always popping up when I try to either go onto my blog or enter and log into WordPress.

From the couple of hours after this all started to pretty much now when I’m writing this blog entry, everything  seemed to point to only one solution: quitting.

Well, to be honest, it’s not that I didn’t think about quitting so much as getting mad – I never did think about quitting though. Why? Well.. first off, too much invested here! LOL!

Seriously though, things like this will happen at every turn when you have a business. I’d rather have this issue than to face the situation where I had a friend of mine who also has an online business who had both his Google Ad account and Facebook Ad account suspended — for no specific reason – and him trying desperately to save his business because now he just couldn’t place any ads. Long story short, he was able to get his accounts back up and running – he was never told though WHY they had been suspended.

Back to my current situation; let’s face it: getting mad wasn’t even an option. I knew that it wouldn’t change anything and it sure wouldn’t solve my issue.

Speaking of which, you’re probably wondering: “so if you can’t access your WordPress login, how did you get this blog post up Marc?” Well, truth be told, I wrote down and made a list of things I could try that could help me resolve the issue, like using different browsers, different computers I have here at home and after going through all of them one by one, pretty much the last one was to use a VPN to sign in and voilà! success. (Now if only I had thought of putting THAT as 1st thing to try…).

So the moral of the story here – without wanting to go and sound too philosophical, it’s that things you can’t control will happen and those things will hinder your road to success and there’s nothing you can do about it but just drive on.

I usually start my days by reading  a Daily Motivation phrase or word and a few days ago, I just couldn’t stop laughing because I truly believe that someone was really having a great time either on my benefit or just because, well, they could laugh at me. The phrase was quite simple, it was a quote from Marilyn Monroe:

“Sometimes good things fall apart so better things could fall together”.


So, in my case, I really just took it as another way to test my patience and more importantly, my perseverance and dedication to my goal of finally making some money with Affiliate Marketing.

So with that being said; I’ll take a look at what this week is bringing. I know that I’ve got to get back on the horse and even more importantly, finally do the Tik Tok videos I had talked about a few weeks ago that I was going to do.

See, sometimes it just takes a little more to get where you want to go but getting there and going through the issues life throws at you makes you stronger and makes you want to work towards those goals even more.

Time to make it even more real by forging on!

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To your success…to our success!




10 thoughts on “I Quit.”

  1. Marc,

    Your resilience through technical challenges is truly inspiring! Your positive attitude and determination to push through setbacks are commendable. It’s amazing how you’ve turned obstacles into opportunities for growth.

    Looking forward to seeing you conquer TikTok and continue your affiliate marketing journey.

    Keep sharing your inspiring story!

    1. Hi CJ,
      thank you! Don’t forget, my situation pales in consideration to yours; reading your story and seeing your journey brings a lot of that inspiration you see in me!
      Thank you for that.

      1. This is annoying having to pass through a VPN to connect with your own website…😄However I’m happy you don’t quit for real because I’m enjoying your posts. So don’t scare me again ok!? Good. I agree that perseverance must be part of the journey otherwise one may find it shorter than it should be.

        1. Hi Martin,
          Apparently, scaring people is something I’m good at!!! (wait until I start my Tik Tok videos… THEN they’ll be scary!!!)
          Thanks for your comment, support is greatly appreciated from the members here.
          All the best!

    1. Thanks Sherri,
      I definitely am not the quitting type but the thing I have to correct is spending too much time trying to find THE solution when an alternative – in this case VPN – is found and I can take more time to either let things roll over & settle themselves. But hey, it got corrected and I’m all better for it!
      Thanks again for your support.

  2. Marc, I was wondering where you went. I’m so sorry you’ve been having quite the time with all of this, but you know, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. I can see that you are feeling pretty good about conquering this hurdle and coming back stronger than before. Quitting should never be an option we give ourselves. You can fail, and we will all fail along the way, but as long as we don’t quit… we will never be failures.

    1. Thanks Vanessa,
      Couldn’t have said it better myself! It definitely took a lot of the wind out of my sails but like you said, the only option I had was to find a solution and get back on the horse!
      All the best!

  3. Hi Marc,
    who would have thought that merely accessing your owned asset through a VPN would solve all those problems. A valuable lesson for all there. Well done for getting back up to speed.

    1. Hi Andy,
      So true; I tried so many other alternatives and yet, this simple side-step made it possible. Now I need to get back on the horse and start galloping!
      Thanks for your comments!

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