Focusing A Lot… Correctly

So, out came my 1st Tik Tok video last week, another one was just produced this week, and that is good but what else am I focusing on? And more importantly, what should I be focusing on?

Well, Dean does mention the 4 core areas of focus that are important in his book The Iceberg Effect: Traffic – Capture – Follow Up – Offers – (important aspects that we will definitely talk about in a future blog). The all relate to the focus that we need to have if we want our business to grow.

That being said, one thing that I can proudly say is that I’ve pretty much deleted all other “shiny objects” from my inbox and files – focusing strictly on learning how to best use Affiliate System (Deans all-in-one software that helps manage my business), my blog and now Tik Tok videos. I don’t have the time for anything else, even if I wanted to.

I also can say that even though my journey to bring me to this point has been long, way too long, I still feel that whatever I went through in the past was either needed or part of the knowledge base I needed to learn to get me where I am now. As I mentioned last week: no turning back!

Let’s not kid ourselves though, there is still that nagging feeling and question: “when will I make any money?”. Because let’s face it, you wouldn’t work for a business and then have the boss tell you: “your paycheck will be coming in… we just don’t know when”. And that’s the hardest part of this Affiliate Marketing internet money-making business, we aren’t sure when the money will come in – either in small chunks or bigger ones.

We’re so bombarded with offers that promise $10,000 in three clicks and recurrent money like we’ve never seen before that we tend to forget that this takes time – sometimes more time than we ever thought.

Focus and Patience Will Win

I’ve been blessed with an extraordinary amount of patience, (at least that’s what my wife says) but one thing I know is that I’ll have to continue to develop the focus I need to continue working on both my blog and Tik Tok videos. And that will take patience as well.

I also know that even though I have a lot of patience, there will come times where frustration and lack of action will hit me – it’s not a “if” so much as a “when”. Now the best part about this is that by knowing that this is a marathon and not a 100 meter race, I can and must pace myself accordingly. That means, continuing to work on my Tik Tok videos, focusing on how it all works and what works and what doesn’t.

My plan for Tik Tok is to develop better videos, better techniques of adding text, maybe pictures; everything that can maybe entice viewers to not only listen but click on my videos and go out there either on my blog or the link to get The Iceberg Effect book and work towards building an internet business like mine.

So you’re probably asking: “So What’s the bigger plan Marc?” well, to be honest, I really don’t know – I’ve got all these ideas jumping in my head but I know that by focusing on what needs to be done right now: which is blog entries and Tik Tok videos, I can only get better and get the subscribers, who become clients; those exact clients that currently are looking to join my Affiliate Marketing business. Essentially, like Dean says: taking consistent action to grow my business.

We had a Partner Hangout today and during one of our break out sessions in a group chat, Glenn reminded me that we most always forget “what we know” and then he got a little more personal and reminded me of us having spoken together last year – (I had Glenn all to myself when we were sent to different chat rooms) – he said something that was so simple, yet could be so hard to do; he said: “Marc, Just go out there and do it!”.

The other aspect that has also come into mind is that by becoming a Tik Tok guru (if such things exists), I will be able to teach that part to others so that they can also use that platform to grow their Affiliate Marketing business. Now that’s something to think about for additional revenues.

Change Your Mindset: Improve Your Chances To Win

My mindset is very well engrained to the fact that new opportunities will only present themselves if I actually go out of my comfort zone and when I’m out there, put in the effort needed. You may not agree with that but look back at when you started a new job? If you didn’t go out of your comfort zone, you would never have become proficient at what it entailed as far work to be done.

That would be one area that anybody wanting to find success online with an Affiliate Marketing business will need to address: Mindset.

I could probably talk for hours about that simple but yet important aspect of our lives. Our mindset will drive a lot our wants, our needs; determines our values and beliefs – beliefs in ourselves to make our internet business a successful one.

Many of us also think that success comes to those who work the hardest – and yet I’m the first to yell out that success comes to those who work the smartest. If you use the tools that we currently have at our disposal to build an internet business, many of which are inexpensive if not free and you take the time to patiently learn these AND you give yourself the time to build your business – don’t forget, from the ground up – you will succeed – I truly believe that.

On a more personal note, my birthday is this Saturday – turning a nice 57 years old. Perfect time for you to join me and see what the next 6 months or year will turn into!

BTW, for those wanting to go on over to Tik Tok to see my videos, and see what this Canadian looks like, here’s the link:

Like what you’re reading or have questions? Don’t be shy, write it up in the comments section for me to reply and more importantly, don’t forget to subscribe!

To your success…to our success!

12 thoughts on “Focusing A Lot… Correctly”

  1. Happy Birthday Marc I hope your day goes well. I agree that success will come to those who work smarter not harder.
    I have a daily battle with my mindset. It is hard to change bad habits we have had for decades. I have felt a slight shift for the better lately.
    Enjoy your special day.

    1. Hi Regina,
      Thank you for the kind words and apologies for the delayed response. Mindset is definitely something to work on!

  2. Hey Marc, happy birthday 🎂 by the way! You’ve made successfully another turn around the sun. Having the right mindset is what we should aim for. It suffices just to change our mindset to finally see the odd rolling on our side. Changing our mindset often requires to get out of our comfort zone, change our habits, this is where things got difficult. Ice most be broken, it worth it and yes success is nearby.
    Hope you enjoyed your birthday! You’ve made a very good and determined start with your first TikTok. Go on, I look forward to see the next one. Let’s keep on showing our Canadian look! 😁

    1. Hi Martin,
      Thank you for the kind words, definitely had a great time and yup, another turn around the sun it is! Working on getting those videos up regularly!

  3. Hi Marc,

    Most of us will need patience with this process, as it will take time. I’ve been trying it for a few years now and am still at it. I guess part of the reason was that I wasn’t following the best affiliate marketing strategy when I started. (I was working hard but maybe not so smart).

    But that’s okay. I believe we are following a much better path with Dean’s program.
    Let’s stay focused and continue working. We can do this!

    1. Hi Alberto,
      Definitely something to keep working on: patience! We’re in great hands with Dean and the IP Team, that’s for sure.

  4. Hi, Marc!
    Congrats on your TikTok channel! Way to go! The beginning is the most challenging part.
    And congratulations—it just seems in order. It’s your birthday, too! Happy Birthday!
    And you’ve narrowed your focus. Good for you.
    It’s all coming together. I wish you a very happy and fruitful year to come!

    1. Hi Nakina,
      Thank you, definitely find myself in a different zone with those videos! Thank you for the great wishes and wishing the same!

  5. Marc, It’s inspiring to see your dedication to refining your focus and strategy in affiliate marketing. Your transparency about the challenges and uncertainties of the journey resonates with many aspiring entrepreneurs. Your commitment to learning and leveraging platforms like TikTok demonstrates a forward-thinking approach to business growth. As you continue to share your experiences and insights, you’re not only building your own brand but also paving the way for others to succeed in the affiliate marketing landscape. Wishing you a fantastic continued success on your entrepreneurial journey, Atif

    1. Hi Atif,
      So many thanks for the great words of support – definitely wish you the same for the future – and many more TiK Tok subscribers to you!

  6. There is a lot of great advice in here which any newbies reading will benefit from. You are spot on, it is important to have the right mindset and as long as you keep on keeping on you’ll get there. Congratulations on your first and second TikTok videos. You have a great presence and come across very genuine and personable. Great things await you!

    1. Hi Andy,
      Definitely appreciate your kind words; making those videos was kinda liberating if you ask me! Had a lot of fun making those – and future ones, that’s for sure!

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