We All Started The Same Way…Knowing Nothing

Let’s put one big thing to rest here… everyone and anyone who has either tried to sell you or tell you about how to sell on the internet started off with one thing in common: they knew nothing about it…

Whoever you may speak to or listen to had to do the same steps you are currently doing; basically finding out what they want to sell and how they want to sell it and everything else in between.

Contrary to what you might think, selling isn’t really the hardest part of all of this. You have someone who is interested in what you are offering and you’ve got a sale.

Now what is a little more difficult is answering the questions that come to the pre and after sale of these products.

If you can’t answer the questions, you’re pretty sure that the person will not only lose interest but will never take you seriously because you just can’t answer them, period.

Saying I Don’t Know Is Ok

Looking back, every time I’ve been interested in an internet product, I’ve always been faced with “sellers” that were pretty much only interested in selling their product and letting me know that “all my questions would be answered” within the training…even if that was rarely the case.

I’ve also figured out that those same sellers were never really interested in making sure that my questions were answered. They were interested in one thing and one thing only: making money.

before being in contact with the staff at Internet Profits, I had never heard any of the previous products I had purchased respond to any of my questions by “I don’t know, let me get back to you”.

It was always about the sale and the response always seemed to be the same: the answer lied within the training.

Everybody Can Make It On The Internet…No Really

I know you’ve surely read this somewhere… It’s the perfect line used by so many here on the internet… You’ll be making money like water falling out of the faucet just by turning it on! And of course, in no time at all. You know…Everybody’s a millionaire on the internet!

And this is where I want to make sure we’re on a different path you and I. I won’t promise those millions but if you put in the time and the effort, you will achieve financial freedom – one solid step at a time!

The other big phrase that seems to be making the rounds is that everybody is making 10,000$ per month! Now I wonder how that can be?

The one thing I like to say about this is more in tune with something realistic; how about making 1,000$ per month after 3-4 months of learning, putting that knowledge into practice and getting things done. That is how you get to 10K per month.

Oh and one last thing regarding this extravagant making money online in short time thing; many people just give up not because they aren’t making money….they give up because they aren’t being coached or they lack mentorship to help them make money. That’s why.

Taking The Time To Learn And Applying That Knowledge

If you look at the current job you have – whatever it may be – one thing is for sure…when you started, you really didn’t know what you were doing, right?

But as you got training – hopefully mentorship as well – you got better and better at it and now, you could probably do it with your eyes closed, (ok, maybe not if you’re a welder) but you get what I mean.

The same thing applies to anything relative to the internet and making money online. You first have to give yourself the chance to learn what you are going to do, how you’re going to apply it moving forward – all within times where you’re going to be ecstatic for your progress but also frustrated because some times, things aren’t going to go the way you had planned.

Yes… you heard me right; not everything is going to go either as planned or like you’d want it to. You will have times when you are wondering if you did the right thing, you might even find yourself wanting to quit… but if you stick to it…continue to have support and mentorship – just like I’m offering here – you will succeed!

Everything Takes Time

So what does all of this mean? Contrary to what is being said…you won’t become a millionaire in that first month! Shocking right???

All kidding aside though, we all know that everything takes time. You may have fallen in love right away but it took time to really get to know your partner, right?

Anybody who plays an instrument can also attest to having to take the time to learn and then get better at playing the instrument. Same thing goes for selling on the internet; it takes time.

Like I mentioned in another post, your best line of defense is to start with a plan and a timeline to put that plan into effect.

With that taken care of, you just need to give yourself the time to succeed as well as the support and mentorship that it requires and that part, we’ll take care of it together.

Like what you’re reading or have questions? Don’t be shy, write it up in the comments section for me to reply and more importantly, don’t forget to subscribe!

To your success…to our success!




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