Mentorship: The Only Way To Success?

Some tend to think that success comes to those who are lucky…or maybe at the right place, at the right time, with the right people (like here & now)…. Then again, there are those who – like me – don’t necessarily believe in luck but tend to believe that you get to where you want to because of a or several Mentors.

When the student is ready…The teacher will present him or herself.

I’ve always had a mentor. Plain and simple. I may not have realized it at the time but one thing was always for sure; I always had someone who was there to help me get through whatever I needed to get through and more importantly, there to make sure I understood the repercussions of my choices – the good and the bad.

For many, a mentor may represent someone looking over their shoulder and telling them “don’t do that” but to me, a Mentor is a guide, someone who truly wants you to succeed and will go over and above what’s required of them to see to your success.

That’s why there’s that old saying:”when the student is ready…the teacher will present itself”.

Haven’t you ever found it funny that just as you’re asking yourself “how am I going to get this done?”, a Mentor presents themselves and without you realizing it, you get more than the answers you were looking for?

For me, the team at Internet Profits is that Mentorship. For the past several years, I’ve been looking at every shinny object there was and unfortunately, when it came to Internet Marketing, I just wasn’t in the presence of people who truly wanted my success; that’s not the case at Internet Profits.

I’ve never been so pumped (pardon the pun) as what I see as possibilities for 2024 – even after the pandemic and everything that came with it, I’m just flabbergasted with the possibilities that are opening up and the team at Internet Profits is a good reason for me to feel that way.

Asking for help: one way to succeed!

It’s never easy but asking for help is definitely one way where you’ll find yourself closer to your success than anything else if you take the time to do so. Many times, not asking is a definite way to failure.

Not listening to what Mentors have to say is another sure path to failure; many people tend to first yell out “I know how to do this” without having any inkling whatsoever as to how to getting it done.

You’ll always see successful people always have one or several Mentors making sure that they are on the right path to their success! It may not be easy but one thing is for sure; it’s a lot easier with the help of someone who either has already gone through there or, at minimum, knows the pitfalls you’ll face.

Ready for a Mentor? Be open to criticism and everything else!

So you decided that you’d be open to having a Mentor but on your terms…. Ok..well, it doesn’t necessarily work that way but one thing is for sure; if you’re not open to criticism, you’re “outta luck” my friend!

You have to understand that a Mentor will be there to help you through the rough patches but more importantly, they’re there to help you go through the whole education part of learning this bit of whatever you’re going through!

A Mentor isn’t meant to always be in the same wavelength as you… They’re there to open your options and more importantly: Make you see that different options have different outcomes and that sometimes the road you’re on may not necessarily be the one you should be on! Crazy right??

Mentors: the next best thing since sliced bread!

Years back, I would have told you otherwise but one thing is for sure; I wouldn’t go forward these days without a Mentor anymore. There are too many pitfalls and more importantly, too many options these days that if there’s one thing that you definitely need? a Mentor! Heck, make that several!

I’ve been fortunate enough to not only have Mentors around me but I’ve also been able to surround myself with fellow Internet Profits Members who are part of what we call our “Accountability Group”. You know, walk the talk…do what we were supposed to do from one week to another! Be accountable for our actions!

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To your success…to our success!




8 thoughts on “Mentorship: The Only Way To Success?”

  1. Marc,

    I have to agree a mentor is so vital. I lost track of the number of times I tried to do it on my own. Many of these times was do to lack of money to invest. However, I have discovered that It cost me a whole lot more to try and do it on my own than just hiring a mentor.

    The area I’ve struggled the most is finding the right mentor. Several of the so called mentors just took my money and ran.

    I am glad you found a true mentor in Dean. I know it has been a blessing working with him myself.

    I look forward to seeing you crush it in 2024.


    1. Hi CJ,
      So true! Some would say that I’ve been blessed with always being able to find or have a mentor in my work or personal endeavours. As you say, it does save quite a lot of aggravations!
      To our success in 2024!

  2. Hi Marc! In order to be on the accelerated learning curve you need to get good coaching or mentorship. A good mentor is someone who knows how to motivate you, while keeping you on-track to success. He shows us where are the pitfalls and how to overcome them because he did that journey before to finally meet with success. With Dean and InternetProfits, I’m confident we are at the right place! Thank you for sharing this.

    1. Merry Christmas Martin,
      Thank you for taking the time to read my blog! Mentorship, like many things in life, is not a “one size fits all” type of thing — and it does take an open mind to be able to accept the corrections we make on this journey!
      Appreciate your great comment.

  3. Most people fail online not necessary because of the lack of knowledge, but more because of the lack of confidence. So having a mentor who has confidence in you can certainly make a huge difference.

    1. Hi Alan,
      So very true. Having confidence in what you’re going to do and learning along the way to get better at it is the only way to go!
      Funny that everybody who thinks that they’ll never become good online easily forget that they knew pretty much nothing about the job they hold – even if they were educated about it. They got better at it in time and soon became very good at doing it.
      Hopefully, more people will see the possibility and look for us!
      All the best,

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