We Have All The Time In The World….. Or So We Think

We’re told we have all the time in the world….

Remember when you were a kid? It seemed as if you had all the time in the world.

You could have fun after school; no issues or work – apart from that paper route or part-time job babysitting the neighbour. The week-ends were even more fun! If you cleaned your room and did the chores around the house, you had all the time for you to play!

Then you got a little older…and responsibilities began creeping up. That wasn’t as fun…

You had to finish your homework, made sure your kid brother or sister wasn’t getting in trouble – you probably had to babysit him or her at that point as well.

But you still believed that “old folks” were the ones with much less time because of the stories they never stopped talking about of when they were kids – something like in the movies – and you definitely told yourself that “I sure will have made it by the time I get grey hair” and that was a promise!

Then those strange questions started popping up by everyone around you…. “what do you want to do with your life?”…. “which College or University are you going to go to?…. and the ever important: “you better apply yourself to your studies…no one wants to hire a loser”….

But during all of that time, everybody around you is continuously telling you how being young is the best time of your life and that you better not waste it because you’ll open your eyes and BANG! you’re old!

We’re sure that we have all the time in the world….Time is of The Essence

Then, just as you’re starting to make some sense of it all – and worked hard on your studies – you find yourself in College or University and BAM! Time takes on a whole new meaning! You’ve got study groups to go to… Homework to finalize and have done by a defined date and oh…let’s not forget…you’re dating now… so less time to be alone, (which… all being told isn’t that bad).

But you’re having fun! Parties to go to… all these friends that are inviting you over… decisions about how you’re going to spend your week-ends and free time, wow! You never had it so easy! or do you?…

You’re still getting those questions from everyone around you, what are you going to do with your life? You tell yourself that you’ve got a bunch of great people around you that have succeeded and well, it can’t be that hard, right?

And you can’t stop hearing that little voice in the back of your mind telling you “the way things have been done in the past may not be the same for the future”… But what does that mean?

Nah… It must be rubbish…

We then exchange time for life’s other little pleasures…To Do List

That weekly trip to the restaurant, that extra coffee in the morning when you’re at work. Taking the time to go out with friends, because that’s what friends do!

Then you’ve got that two week vacation every year. You need to recharge those batteries you know; work isn’t the easiest with all that stress, overtime, work hours and the deadlines the boss is giving you.

And of course, there’s time that needs to be provided for your love-life…whatever that may be…love of cars…love of playing video games… you know, the good stuff!

Oops! I thought this JOB was going to be more fun?

Then there’s the job…ah yes…the one you had a great interview for and think that even though they’re not paying you as much as you’d think they could, it’ll “get you somewhere” right?

Wasn’t it Mom who said that you needed to “have a stable job if you want to raise a family and provide them with what they need?”. I wonder what she would have to say about how the economy is today after having gone through such a long time during a pandemic?… Many who thought about it finally figured out that JOB also means “Just Over Broke”.

Time is ticking… time to make a change.

Then one day, you’re looking at yourself in the mirror and you’re telling yourself: “there’s gotta be more to it than this right?”…

You’ve read on several websites and “googled” the information as well about how the internet has created several millionaires, (some wrote about a short time of span it took many of them to get there), but that’s gotta be hogwash right?

You’re sure there has to be a way – a right way – to get to that “promised land” so that you can let that job go and truly live the life you dreamed about… If only there was a right way…

The right way is here. Time to use the right tools.Time to Get Things Done

The good news is that you’re at the right place at the right time to get to that perfect place.

Contrary to what many say, you can get to that promised land. It won’t be overnight and  it might not be as easy as what you may have read on the internet, but if you’re willing to put the effort into it, I can show you how it’s possible, what steps you need and more importantly, provide you with the biggest factor for your success: MENTORSHIP.

We’ll talk about that in another blog entry but for now, thanks for reading me!

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To your success…to our success!

18 thoughts on “We Have All The Time In The World….. Or So We Think”

  1. Hi,

    Great read… Yup that’s me too, where did all the time go. How am I this old, with nothing to show for it. Can’t wait to read more.. What a way to pull me in..

    Thanks Sandy

    1. Hi Sandy,
      Well, it’s what we do with the time we now have that’s important. As my mother used to tell me: “You can have everything in life; just not all at the same time!”.
      Wishing you all the best,

  2. Marc,

    Robert Kiyosaki said one of the biggest lies we have been told is to go to work, get a good job, stay there till retirement and collect your government allowance. True wealth is found outside the 9 to 5 job. In the Just Over Broke(Job) you work to make others wealthy. The job truly is a form of slavery and to bust out of it you must discover away to harness the entrepreneur spirit and latch on to a mentor who has walked the path before you.

    The path is scary and unfamiliar but if one is willing to take the risk the rewards are worth it all.

    1. Hi CJ,
      So true! Roberts “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” book is definitely an eye-opener. I had the chance to hear him talk during a convention a few years back. If only everybody took the time to read & understand that time is ticking!
      Walking outside the comfort zone we’ve made is definitely worth it; well said!
      Take care,

  3. Yes, time is really ticking. Today is already 15th of January. Half of the first month is already gone! I still have the impression that Christmas was just yesterday.

    1. So true Alan,
      “Every day should be lived like it was the last”. We sometimes take the time we have so much for granted that we forget that time waits for nobody (I’m sounding more and more like a philosopher LOL) and life will definitely go on whatever we do!
      Time to take it all in and make the best of it!
      All the best,

  4. Yes, it does seem like when we were young we had all the time in the world! There is no time like the present to actually make our dreams come a reality and if it is to work online so you can have time freedom, well that is possible.
    Couldn’t agree more that investing in yourself and mentorship are key component of making it on the online space.
    Glad you will be offering your services to support others on their journey!
    I love the fact that you made an audio version of your blog! And not to say that you are a great narrator.

    1. Hi Brigitte,
      Appreciate the compliment and you taking the time to provide a comment.
      Growing up, we also aren’t taught to “take the time and smell the roses”! We hear about it a lot but its only when we get a little older that we see that we’ve unfortunately taken that for granted!
      All the best,

  5. Hi Marc.
    I swear the time speeds up as you get older too.
    I can remember how it seemed like an eternity between birthdays or endless weeks of school. Christmas holidays too forever to arrive.
    You time gets more precious the longer you live.
    Great blog.

    1. Hi Neal,
      So True! My mother – bless her heart – told me one big thing before she passed away: “Take the time to take the time!”. I know that sometimes we can’t really put that into perspective but we definitely need to stop and smell the roses!
      Thanks for dropping by!

  6. Marc, thanks for your blog, I think the biggest takeaway for me is the time aspect and the fact that it goes so quickly. In a blink of an eye, I’m already 52 years old and even though I think I’ve achieved quite a lot I think I could’ve done a lot more in terms of creating the lifestyle that I want. So now we are on this journey and it’s very exciting. I look forward to what you do next. I love your audio file. It be great if you could do a blog on how I could do it using my iPhone ? Thanks. Atif

    1. Hi Atif,
      We are both in that same 50’s boat (mind you, I’ve got a few years ahead) but we’re all on the same journey that’s for sure!
      I can definitely look at doing a blog about that. You and others have mentioned that and keep reading me; it’ll be coming!
      Take care,

  7. Hi Marc,
    Your post is a motivational process to reflect on how far we’ve come, but yet, how far do we have to go? We older folks have done everything by the book so to speak as mentioned in your post about time. Yet, here we are questioning whether it will be enough to see us into our retirement years or do we need to find another way moving forward.
    I’m looking forward to reading more of your posts!
    All the best!
    Milissa Neirotti

    1. Hi Milissa,
      Thanks for dropping in and providing me with your point of view, it’s definitely a different thing when you get to “our age”! One thing that we need to change though is our mental thought process (another blog?) regarding success and how to attain it.
      Looking forward to your future comments as well.
      Take care,

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