Why Affiliate Marketing?

First things first…Lets make sure everyone understands what Internet Marketing is.

Internet Marketing pretty much encompasses all the approach you can use to market services or products online via digital means. This can include online ads, blogging, podcasting, social media, email marketing, etc…

Does It Really Work?

It can be quite intimidating for someone who is starting off to not only find the knowledge but apply it so that they can sell their products. Many will start by having a website or blog – like this one – as a point of contact for customers.

From there, email marketing, which is a cute word for sending emails electronically directly to your potential customers. By the way, this has proven to be one of the best ways to reach out to your customers in the digital age we live in.

Once a purchase is made, some customers will provide their email addresses, making it even easier to follow up with them in the future.

Let’s not forget; Affiliate Marketing is becoming bigger and bigger every year and the pandemic that the world has been going through for the past couple of years has definitely helped it become a several billion dollars a year business!

The one thing to remember though is that, like everything else in life, taking baby steps to first understand this big giant is essential for your success.

Now, contrary to what you may have read, you won’t become a millionaire overnight but if you take the right steps, you can definitely create an income that will easily grow with time. What kind of income? Let’s put it this way, starting off by putting an objective of $3,000.00 per month is something that is not only feasible but definitely less daunting to achieve.

How Social Media Changed Everything

Pretty much everybody is using one form of social media or another these days. They may have accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Another media that is slowly gaining a lot of traction is Tik Tok; which uses short videos to promote themselves, their products or services.

Blogging, like this one here, has also become very popular. It’s a great way where you can not only promote your product or service, but talk about it.

Why It’s Important

The biggest advantage is the possibility of being able to measure and track your results.

So many tools are available that will let you track the results of your campaigns; this will give you the advantage of being able to better grow your traffic, conversions and more importantly, target the right person to whom you wish to sell.

It also gives you the opportunity to sell around the world at any time during the day or night; even when you’re sleeping. Something a frontline store just can’t do.

SEO – What’s That?

Search Engine Optimization; a fancy bunch of words that just means that you want your information to rank as high as possible in search engines such as Google.

The higher you rank, the easier it is for your customers to find you on the search engine, making it easier to purchase your product or service.

Ok, So Now, What’s Affiliate Marketing?

In simple terms, Affiliate Marketing is a way where a company will compensate a third-party who generates traffic and leads to that company’s services or products where, after making a purchase, a portion of the cost of that product or service is paid to the third-party.

Affiliate marketing predates the internet but digital marketing has by far, made it a several billion dollars industry.

Advantages & Disadvantages

One of the advantages of using Affiliate Marketing is the access to a much larger market. They can easily increase their visibility without incurring increased costs.

Another aspect is that since the Affiliate Marketers are the ones who cover the advertising costs and put in the time to do the promotion, it can be a cost-effective way to increase sales.

On the other hand, Affiliate Marketers must abide by strict rules put in place by the company they wish to sell for. There unfortunately has been several cases of fraud in the past years, hence, the strict rules.

Next Steps…

With all of this said, many might still be confused by all the information that is out there. Let’s not forget, one aspect that can’t be overlooked is the many unworthy Affiliate Marketers out there who are selling their “how to” products who, it’s sad to say, aren’t as worthy as we think…

As I mentioned in previous blogs, so many out there are only after the sale of their product; they aren’t after a long term relationship that could be profitable for all parties.

After many years and mostly after having gone through many products, I can honestly say that I finally found one that was not only good, but the owner and staff are constantly listening to what we need as customers and how they can better their service to properly fulfill those needs; I’m talking about Internet Profits.

Another great aspect that we can’t overlook is that you’ve taken one great step into that financial freedom direction by first reading my Blog – hopefully subscribing to it as well – and the next step into that direction would be to order the “Iceberg Effect” book from my blog page. Since I started working with Dean Holland, the owner, I’ve come to a great mutual understanding in that we’re just asking you to pay a small fee for the shipping of the book – I’ll take care of the rest! What better way to further learn about what Internet Marketing really is.

Internet Profits is the first – and from what I’ve been able to find out – the only Affiliate Marketing company that not only offers a product to sell, but offers daily, weekly, monthly training to make sure you’re on the right path to financial success – and getting out of that 9 to 5 rut!

So what’s your next step? You can definitely put in a comment or question down below and I’ll gladly answer it or you can click on the link for Internet Profits and look into getting the Iceberg Effect book shipped to you; that will give you a big idea of what you need to do to avoid any pitfalls!

Like what you’re reading or have any questions? Don’t be shy, write it up in the comments section and don’t forget to subscribe with your email address.

To your success…to our success! Have a fantastic day!


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  1. Very Impressive Marc!

    I’ve often thought about getting my AI voice narrator to do the talking for each of my blog posts.

    If you’ve got it – flaunt it! You’ve been blessed with a radio announcer’s voice.

    Keep up the great work!

  2. Hi Marc! Really like the way you narrated your blog with an audio stream. Good idea! I always say that making use of creativity in a Blog is essential. You show us great example here with this post. Good also you mentioned the “Iceberg Effect Book”. I read it twice! Well, this is where all started from me. Nice job!

  3. Hi Marc, I just read your insightful post on affiliate marketing. Your comprehensive overview resonates with my experiences shared on CJ Profits. I appreciate how you highlighted the evolving role of social media and the importance of SEO in digital marketing. Your realistic take on the potential and challenges of affiliate marketing is refreshing. It aligns with my focus on practical strategies and genuine connections in the online business world. Keep up the great work!

  4. What a great blog, very informative and I love the way that I can listen to it as well as read it, a great twist.

    I have never really understood SEO, is it really that important?

    Anyways I look forward to reading (and hearing) more from you .

    Once again, thanks for the imnfo

    1. Hello Tony,

      Thanks for your great comment; I can’t say I understand SEO fully myself but you’ve just given me a great idea on a future blog! Thanks!

  5. Marc, great blog, I love it that you have you talking over the blog. This is great for people that may have reading or sight issues.

    The information you provide is true and gives a path to follow. I look forward to reading and listening to more of your blogs. Thanks and good luck. Atif

  6. Hi Marc! I just wanted to reach out and express my enjoyment of your blog. Your content is inspiring, and I feel like I can really connect with the points you make. The audio component is a great addition! I can’t wait to read, and listen, to more of your future posts. Best wishes!

    1. Thanks Milissa,
      Apologies for what seems to be a duplicate approval; had issues with my blog & had to reinstall everything!
      Looking forward to your future comments as well!
      All the best.

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