What If There Was Something More?

Let’s be honest, we all start a business for one main reason: financial success and freedom of debt. But what if there was something more than just that?

I’m looking at my blog entries since December of 2023 and the comments that everyone have provided and there’s one thing that seems to be a common denominator: support. A lot of support even!

Looking Beyond The Money

Everybody that has seen the movie “Jerry Maguire” has heard the old phrase: “Show me the money!” for those who haven’t, the story is about a sports agent who’s pretty much lost all his clients, except one. And that one is at one point yelling into the telephone: “show me the money!” relative to the financial amount he wants as a new contract with his football team.

But my point with this is that although he at first was only looking for the monetary aspect, he found out that there were other things – more important things – that he learnt along the way.

Same for me here. I’ve pretty much been always alone during my previous internet business ventures. Even with the courses I took, there wasn’t really any support group or something like this blog where I could exchange on a weekly basis with commenters like yourselves.

I’m finding out that with this blog, I not only can reach out and comment about what I’m going through but I can also read your comments and how supportive you all are. What I thought would be pretty much a one way street came out to be so much more than that. I’m finally finding that my road to success and/or financial security isn’t a lonely one after all.

I wasn’t sure what Dean expected when he first started to want us to blog-hop amongst those like me are blogging about their internet journey but I do see now that – even though there are a few less members who’ve been consistent – both in their blogs and comments, they all seem to project the same support and enthusiasm; making the journey a little more fun when we inadvertently hit snags along the way.

Not Expected

Now granted, you might want to say to me: “Marc, didn’t you expect that?” and yes, there’s a side of me that would say that with Dean and his team at our side supporting us and every one of us constantly reading back his book, The Iceberg Effect, you would come to figure that all of this is part of the solution to achieve success.

We also tend to complicate things; you know – just to make our lives harder. Case in point, when you read his book, the one big thing that comes out of it is, “it can’t be this simple, right?” and truth be told, it is. We just complicate things.

I also love the fact that even before he even starts to talk about the business side of things, he talks about how success starts within – (chapter 2 -oh, and if you haven’t bought the book yet, please – use the following link – pay for shipping & handling and we’ll make sure to forward a copy asap; it’s worth it’s price in gold) – he uses several examples in showing us how our fears can hinder our success. In my case, I can say without a doubt that a fear of success was always just behind in my thoughts. Ironically, it was my wife who made me realize this.

She mentioned to me how I was a champion to help others and was great at planning, communication and anything else that involved projects like timelines, cost analysis, etc… but when it came to my own business… well, let’s just say I wasn’t as sure as I thought I was.

Starting On The Right Foot

So even with everything that has gone “wrong” or not according to plan, I still feel that with the support, guidance and direction that The Iceberg Effect book provides, I’m on a better path than I could have anticipated.

Time to put words into action and focus on the 4 core areas Dean talks about but more importantly look at traffic generation.

I decided to use Tik Tok as one of the free traffic generators for my blog and hopefully – with time – I’ll be able to get a ball rolling that, like a snowball rolling down the hill, will grow and grow and grow and well, you get the idea 🙂

Once that’s rolling I do intend on using a paid traffic strategy but only once I’ve mastered the one traffic generator (Tik Tok) because, like Dean mentions, trying to understand and learn and become proficient in too many traffic generators – Tik Tok, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram – all at the same time is like trying to catch too many chickens all at the same time!

So, I know that I had previously said that I’d already be on Tik Tok by now but it seems that my day job was asking a little more of my time and I just didn’t have the energy to get it done BUT next weeks blog will also include a confirmation that my 1st Tik Tok video has been published and you’ll be able to see how bad I not only look  on camera but how bad I can be at editing! LOL!

Seriously though, I do believe that if I give myself the time to learn, I’ll become good at it – pretty much what I’ve learnt about how to become good at voice-over work.

Like what you’re reading or have questions? Don’t be shy, write it up in the comments section for me to reply and more importantly, don’t forget to subscribe!

To your success…to our success!

26 thoughts on “What If There Was Something More?”

  1. I love your voice overs! Thanks for your insights in perseverance, even tough you didn’t put it that way! Good luck on declaring to make your first Tik Tok Video!! I look forward to seeing it!

  2. Support and community are invaluable on the road to success. Embracing the journey within and simplifying our approach can lead to amazing results. Your dedication to learning and taking action, such as using Tik Tok for traffic generation, shows great initiative. Keep pushing forward and remember that progress is a process. Can’t wait to see your Tik Tok videos and witness your growth! Stay positive and keep striving for success – you’ve got this!

    1. Hi Alison,
      Thank you for your comment. I think right now, dedication to getting it done is the best way forward for me. looking forward to providing that first video – hopefully, will get the ball rolling!

      1. Hi Marc, I’m looking forward to see your first TikTok. 😆 Like you said, it’s a big snow ball you roll down the hill. In my case it rolls slowly but it rolls. And I confirm: I try many methods of traffic generation at a time and this is just too much. One at a time until you are good at it is the best way.
        We are often better at helping and managing others than we are with ourselves. It is maybe easier to tell than to do but we have to be patient.

        1. Hi Martin,
          Oh that “patience” thing… it seems I have plenty of it for everything but when it comes to starting my Tik Tok videos, it always seems that life throws me a “you have to do this” thingy first!
          Will definitely let everyone know once its out there; appreciate your support!

  3. Marc, It’s refreshing to see you reflecting on more than just financial success in your business journey. The support and camaraderie you’ve found through blogging are invaluable. Dean’s emphasis on internal growth before business success resonates deeply, and your decision to focus on TikTok for traffic generation shows a thoughtful approach to building your online presence. Looking forward to seeing your progress and learning from your experiences! thanks, Atif

    1. Hi Atif,
      Thank you for your comment, learning a lot also from fellow bloggers like you within their respective traffic generation; the updates you provided show that it can be done and that it is worthwhile to take the time and follow through. Definitely looking forward to getting up to that 1,000 subscribers like you!
      All the best!

      1. Hi Marc,
        I have to say, Dean knew what he was doing by creating (Saturday share). I believe it has been great for all of us who participates in it. We learn from one another, and it helps our blogs give our audience what they are looking for. He’s a genius!
        I love that movie, “Jerry McGuire.” It isn’t always just about the monetary aspect of the business. There’s more to it than that.
        I know once you get your first video done on TikTok then it will be a breeze for you after that. You have a way with the microphone that I don’t think TikTok will be much different for you. Best of luck to you!
        I look forward to seeing your first video. I will be looking out for it.

        1. Hi Meredith,
          Dean definitely knew more than me! LOL! Thanks for your comment and vote of confidence; I’m definitely looking forward to the experience and knowledge!
          Wishing you all the best as well!

  4. Oh, tell me about snags Marc, lol! I’ve had to make quite a few changes in the past couple of weeks. But I remain steadfast in my journey to creating a better life for me and the people I associate with.

    You promote The Iceberg Effect rightly so. My copy is on my desktop or at the bookshelf beside my desk. And rarely do we come together as a group and not hear of reinforcements of the many ideas that we read about in that book.

    You say Tomahto, I say Tomayto. You say Tik Tok, I say Facebook lead ads. I’m totally with you on concentrating on one or two traffic strategies and getting good at them.

    All the best to you. You will do fine.

    1. Thank you Robert,
      See, this is why I so totally love the support mechanisms within our blog comments. This definitely helps put a bit more confidence in the possibility of getting things done – and not only learning from them – but also getting the financial rewards that come with the efforts.
      Wishing you all the best as well and thanking you once again for your comments and support.

  5. Regina Burton

    Hi Marc,
    We all have to go at our own pace and blog hopping can boost your confidence and it is nice to get to know other people on a similar journey. I know Dean says not to compare ourselves with others who might be more advanced in building their businesses. But some blogs are brilliant and I know with time I will get better at blogging.
    You have written a good one and I look forward to seeing you on TikTok soon.

    1. Hi Regina,
      Thank you for your comment and yes, trying to compare ourselves to others is something we have to be careful in doing; we all have a same journey but with different paths and that’s the part we all need to understand and work on.
      Wishing you all the best!

  6. I can relate to doing it alone. It took me awhile to reach out for help with Dean and his team and what great support. You are so right that success is not about making a lot of money, though that’s what society and the media would have us believe. It’s about doing what makes you happy and about getting good at what you do. Let the money chase you as Alex Jeffries said. I’m still a little shy to do the video option but we all have to overcome our imaginary barriers to achieve success. Keep up the great posts!

    1. Hi Jordan,
      “Let the money chase you” is definitely one big phrase that we have to include within our journey to the success we’re looking for. I’ve always tried to tell myself that whatever I try and succeed at, it will always be followed with the financial reward it can bring.
      So true that the way social media and society view that part is something that needs to be worked on as well; these days, accepting what’s written out there can be so daunting.
      All the best!

  7. Hi, Marc!
    What is your name on TikTok? I look forward to watching your first video.
    It is wise to do one thing at a time and get good at it before moving on to the next thing.
    I started a Facebook Lead Ads course, so I had to put my YouTube dreams on hold. LOL! One thing at a time…

    I’m glad you’re finding blogging to be so supportive. I do too. I’m not always able to be as interactive as I’d like, but I find the community holds out some grace and doesn’t expect us to perfectly respond every week. We do what we can and that means so much! I’ve found it means a lot to me.

    I’m looking forward to seeing you on TikTok!

    1. Hi Nakina,
      Running after too many things means that they most likely will fall through our hands; experience has taught me that – many times in fact!
      Really looking forward to the Tik Tok experience as I’m sure it will open up a whole bunch of experiences and knowledge that will only help me in my journey.
      I’ll also be providing my Tik Tok name within my next blog entry — Stay Tuned! LOL!
      All the best and as always, thank you for taking the time to comment.

  8. Hi Marc,
    You are so right! The support we get from this group of like-minded individuals is priceless. I commend Dean for suggesting the Saturday Share and the blog-hopping. I do find it rather daunting and I admit I don’t usually get around to commenting on everyone’s posts. I don’t have a great gift of the gab and struggle to write a decent response most of the time. Having said that, if I went back in time and told my past self that I’d be writing blogs and creating videos on social media. my past self would not believe me.
    Good luck with your first video adventure. It will be bad but don’t worry, you should see mine!

    1. Hi Andy,
      Thank you for your comment and little jab! It’s definitely worth the time we take to comment when we blog hop and writing a response is definitely better than no response! Looking forward for my video adventure.
      All the best!

  9. Hi Marc,

    I love the example of ‘show me the money’ and learning along the way.

    I agree with you having a supportive community makes all the difference. It helped me with posting and I discovered that I love it and proved to myself I could learn and develop consistency over time.

    I find that I can help others build their business but struggle on my own for my own.

    Do you teach doing voiceovers?

    Very much look forward to your TikTok journey

    1. Hi Eleanor,
      So glad to read your comment, great to see that with persistence, time and willingness anything is possible! I had given classes years ago for voice-over but it unfortunately became impossible to continue when prices started falling when you could go online to take a course for a fraction – but without the support or practical training.
      Thank you for your support – looking forward to sharing my Tik Tok experience!
      All the best!

  10. I think the willigness to support others was one of the things that most surprosed me when I started. So many people were ready to help and give advice, support and encouragement.

    Thanks for the post which reminded me just how helpful people can be.

    1. Hi Tony,
      Plus the fact that Dean and his team is helping us on very regular basis; what can go wrong? LOL!
      All kidding aside, you are right. I’ve found myself being pushed to get myself on Tik Tok and get this Affiliate Marketing ball rolling by so many around me that it is astounding to say the least.

  11. Hi Marc,
    You know, there are many reasons to do affiliate marketing, besides making money, which is the primary reason. By doing this, we are capable of helping others who are in similar situations to ours. I just realized that affiliate marketing is probably the only opportunity for many people who don’t know yet that they need to do this as a solution to their problem. Maybe you and I are the only way they would have to reach out this information. There can be many sources, but who knows if they will change their lives because of us. Dean is a good example of what I am trying to say. Six months ago, I didn’t know who Dean was. Now he is the one responsible for helping me change my life. So, we better throw that snowball to run and grow as big as possible to help as many people as possible. I wish you all the best in your journeys.

    1. Hi Ezequiel,
      Reading comments like yours makes me rethink of the reasons as to why I should do this. If only to help others out at minimum. You’re right, once I was able to know Dean and really find out how he truly wants us to succeed, that alone should have changed my attitude towards what I’m trying to do with my business.
      You’re also right in saying that many will fall to the way side – for all reasons – and we’ll continue on our journey.
      All the best!

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